Thursday, November 6, 2008

The End of Soccer ... for Now

When I was in Brazil, I tried to convince people that a huge percentage of American kids grow up playing soccer. Most of my Brazilian friends met the claim with laughter. (American soccer, at the time, was considered something of a joke -- kind of like non-American basketball.) But it was true then, and it appears to be true now. When I was a kid, soccer was an integral part of Fall (perhaps the difference is that for Brazilians soccer is an integral part of every day of every week of every season). For my kids, it has been the same. But the season has now come to a close, and I can confidently say that they didn't lose a single game. Some parting pictures below.

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Here's Us said...

I agree that soccer is played in the USA. But do American kids grow up playing soccer in flip flops, uphill, on cobblestone streets?

T Hurtado