Friday, July 25, 2008

Second Sugarloaf Summit

As part of our ward's "walking buddies" club, our family a week or so ago daringly summited Sugarloaf Mountain for the second time in a single year. Although we considered contacting the Guinness folks to see how such an accomplishment might register, we decided instead to simply post a few pictures.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Overdue Willis Update

So ... we've fallen behind a bit on the blogging front. I began several posts that I never finished. Others I never even started -- although I thought about it. In any case, it is now more than three months since spring break with nary a peep from "The Willis Way."

Today, the situation is rectified, at least somewhat.

Below is a reverse-chronological, mostly pictoral, update of Willis family happenings over the last 3+ months. (Of course, it ends at the 4th of July -- always behind...)

Fourth of July

Abby, Alex, Pete, Ben, and cousin Anika

Kids and cousins playing on slip and slide at neighbor's house during our cul-de-sac's annual Fourth of July party (the entire extended Willis family was present).

Trip to Utah

Camping, boating, and fishing at Strawberry Resevoir with Grandpa Kelly, Jen's uncle Brent and cousin Justin

Hiking to (and through) Timpanogos Cave with Grandma and Grandpa Kelly

The annual (or so) BYU pilgrammage

Salt Lake City's Liberty Park

Visit to the Hill AFB Air and Space Museum and picture at Great Grandma and Grandpa Kelly's house

The marriage of Sean (Jen's brother) and the now Jennifer Anne Kelly (which also happens to be Jen's full maiden name) at the Salt Lake temple -- on our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Abbigail's 8th Birthday and Baptism

Abby Dance/Music Recitals

Father-Son Campout

(I borrowed the truck from a friend -- but Ben to this day thinks it's mine. One day...)

Alex Baseball

Alex's 6th Birthday

Ben's 2nd Birthday