Sunday, July 19, 2009

The End of an Era?

Abby turned nine last month. For the first time since she received a Bitty Baby for Christmas of 2003 she did not request anything from the American Girl catalogue. Instead she requested a locket and a scrapbooking kit. Wow, I thought, is this the end of little girlhood and the beginning of the 'tween years? I asked her if she thought maybe she was getting to old for her American Girl dolls (Felicity and Elizabeth). She assured me she was not, she just wanted something else this time. She also confided that she knew Grandma Willis and Aunt Coco had gifts for her from AG. She is growing right up. It is hard to believe how quickly it has gone. She is turning into a beautiful and loving young lady and a wonderful and helpful sister and daughter. Rest assured, the era is not over, she already has some ideas for her Christmas List from American Girl. Thank goodness.

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Sarah said...

I love the tea party table!

Our girls are enjoying that era also, although they have only known about them for a little over a year. Curious to see how long it lasts though.