Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Beautiful Game...

... no more so than when played by a bunch of pre-schoolers and first graders.

Alex and Peter are doing soccer this year. Peter is in a pre-k "instructional" program (as if my kid needs instruction!) and Alex is in a first-grade "developmental" league. Alex practices on Tuesday evenings and plays actual games on Saturday mornings. Pete's program consists of a one-hour practice/scrimmage session, also on Saturday mornings. Pete's team is called the Lions; they roar after every goal (and much of the time in between goals). They also have lots of water breaks; I guess lions get thirsty a lot. Alex's team is apparently yet-unnamed (Alex informs me they are "still thinking of one"). As his team sports green jerseys, we have offered several suggestions, ranging from the green hornets, to the green bandits, to the green apples. I'm starting to get the sense they don't really care about the name so much.

With Pete's scrum at 9 am and Alex's at 10:30 (both at the same fields) our Saturday mornings are spent camped out at games (except for last Saturday when I abandoned my almost 8-month pregnant wife with our four children so that I could go waverunning / BBQing with some friends off the southern tip of Kent Island -- did I mention I have the best wife in the world). Some pictures from an absolutely exquisite late summer Saturday morning follow.

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