Sunday, October 14, 2007

To School We Go!

Fall has fallen (even though our autumn has averaged about 83 degrees) and a new school year has begun. We now are officially the proud parents of two elementary-schoolers, one preschooler, and one pre-preschooler. Abby, our Stonegate Elementary School (home of the Sharks) veteran began second grade in late August, with her teacher, Ms. Dantzler. Alex, our rookie Shark, began kindergarten on the same day, with Ms. Ha. Peter -- after a year of pleading with his mother to let him go to school (so, among other perceived perks, he could take a "school lunch") -- began his formal education a couple of weeks after Abby and Alex, at Ashton Christian Preschool. His teachers are Ms. Missy and Ms. Vicky (why teachers go from Ms. [first name] in preschool to Ms. [last name] in kindergarten, I don't know).

Abby is becoming reacquainted with friends from previous years and making new ones as well (with all of the drama that attends the navigation of a young girl's social landscape). Alex also is apparently meeting new kids and building relationships, although his conversations about school typically focus on his soccer playing exploits at recess. For his part, Peter already had one preschool friend (in his cousin Sam) but he has taken a noticeable shine to another little classmate as well. Her name is Cheyenne, and she is, according to Peter, "very, very beautiful." (Whenever I think that he's too young to hold such an opinion, I distinctly remember a girl in my preschool class to which I paid particular attention.) Needless to say, we're already looking into local all-boy school options.

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